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COVID-19 Update:

 Due to the ongoing pandemic, we will be hosting yoga & mindfulness classes online via Zoom. Please see our schedule for more information, We hope to see you soon!

About us

The Wellness Willow provides a safe space where people can become empowered to build physical, emotional and spiritual strength and stability in order to lead a life of peace, stillness and joy. With the knowledge that each individual, in their sovereignty and freedom has everything they need within themselves, we seek to support this knowing through meditation, mindfulness, and wellness practices including yoga and healing modalities.   


Tara has been serving the Philadelphia community as a pediatric occupational therapist for almost 20 years. Farah has a background in special education and educational consulting. Their paths crossed when Farah needed a therapist for her son. They worked together for years, but it was not until later that they would meet up again at yoga teacher training and realize that their paths were aligned in a different way. Both Tara and Farah have been on their own healing journeys bringing them to the practices of yoga, meditation, mindfulness, Ayurveda, and many other healing modalities. Farah travelled and studied extensively to heal her body of a life-threatening genetic heart condition and Tara travelled and studied ancient practices to heal from a lifetime of trauma. As mothers, colleagues and friends they are aligned in their vision to share tools learned from their own practices for people to become empowered to heal themselves and live in this chaotic world with a greater sense of peace and calm. 



Class Descriptions

Morning and Midday Movement and Meditation: This class consists of breathe work, light movement or vinyasa flow with a focus on linking breathe and movement, guided meditations, and silent meditation.  

Align and Flow: This class focuses on connecting breathe and movement in addition to increasing strength and flexibility through focused alignment of the physical body. 

Slow Flow Hour: This class focuses on alignment and holding poses for more cycles of breathe. The class ends with a few restorative poses with props. 

Relax and Restore: This class consists of a restorative yoga practice where we are using props for deep stretching, rest and relaxation. This class is a spa-like experience. 

Yoga Hour: This class is a mixed level alignment based asana focused practice meant to increase physical strength and flexibility to create more space in the physical body. 

Pricing: Class are all $15/class and our package is 11 classes for $150. 

* All of our classes are trauma informed and suitable for beginners. The goal of all of our classes is to leave feeling more ease, peace and calm. 



 June 9 - June 11, 2023    |   Rocky Mountains


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512 Bainbridge Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147

(215) 284-0139

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Transpersonal Breathwork is a powerful approach to self exploration and personal empowerment. It combines breathing, emotionally evocative music, the creation of mandalas, and a group integration process within a sacred c container.  



Saturday, January 25, 2020 

Time: 9am-5pm 

Price: $150/person


*based on Grof's Holotopic breathwork 

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MELT Method

Come for a Saturday afternoon to relax, restore, and rejuvenate your  body and leave with techniques to help you feel less pain and discomfort in your body! Enjoy an afternoon of: education, soft ball rolling, and use of rollers. These practices can be integrated into your daily routine. Focus is on low back, hips, core and shoulders. 

Date and Time: 

Saturdays, 1/11/20; 1/18/20; 2/1/20  


Price: $35/person 

*rollers and balls are available for purchase if needed

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Eight Weeks to Mindfulness

If you would like to live a life of more peace and calm this is the program for you! Learn how to integrate a daily meditation practice into your daily life as well as how to integrate more mindful practices into your life. Become empowered to give yourself and those you love the gift of PRESENCE! 

Dates and Time:

Thursdays, 1/9/20-2/27/20, 7:30-9pm


Cost: $225/person for 8 weeks 

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